Are you a business in Asia that requires African raw materials? Are you an exporter of Raw Materials based in Africa?

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Have More Questions?

Have More Questions?

Joining and setting up a shop on is free. Each item listing on A listing lasts for four months or until the item is sold. You have an opportunity to review and accept the fees that you will be charged prior to publishing a listing.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

To become a seller on, you need to provide a valid credit card for verification purposes. Seller registration through PayPal is available as an alternative to credit card registration for members in certain countries.

What can I sell on is a B2B/ B2C portal that facilitates the sale of virtually every legal product and service. Utilize our massive outreach advantage and reach millions of businesses on the African and Asian continents today.

How do I pick a username and shop name?

On, you are represented two different ways: by your username or full name (if you choose to provide one) and by your shop name. If you sign up to sell on, your default shop name will be your username. While not necessary, adding a shop name will allow you to promote your shop using its unique name and to redirect your buyers to your shop by this name. When you add your shop name, your username remains unchanged. Usernames cannot be changed and are still necessary for certain features like signing into your account or sending a Conversation.

Whoa! You can't favorite your own item.

Whoa! You can't favorite your own shop.